Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Stampex 2012 

Stardate 020312

Finally got around to mounting up all of the Wincor and Hytec material that has built up over the last few pages - some 56 pages of material -  and I have now up loaded it to the appropriate websites.

Let's get down to business with the stuff that I picked up at this show.

The Royal Mail stand had a load of leaflets advertising the new Sheep Faststamps. I picked up a few examples to add to my accumulation of material. I feel that this sort of supplementary material adds to the tale behind the item advertised and therefore should also be included. With the Wincor-Nixdorf and Hytec machines, the receipts are a must as dates do not always match up along with three different headers.

The two key pages from this leaflet are illustrated here.

Now to the faststamps. First item to note is the presentation pack. It has the kiosk ident 02 instead of the 22 or 24 used at the fair. This is the norm for Tallent's House. The data string has the session number 51840 which stands for May 1840 as a homage to the Penny Black.
The following images show the various stamps issued on the 22nd and 24th February.

See if you can spot the minor variety on the faststamps.

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