Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stardate: 140312

In the previous two blogs, I mentioned two outings to Wincor equipped offices in the London area and promised to upload some photos and scans of some of the material collected.

On the 9th March, I visited Sutton. The post office is in the St Nicholas centre. The office is shown below.

I purchased a few examples of the faststamps and Post and Go labels. Sutton's office id is 014013. Examples of both  are illustrated below along with the corresponding receipts.

On the way back, I visited the New Malden office (id007023).

Examples of the Faststamps and PAGs are illustrated below along with certificates of posting for two other items. These certificates are now available since the V2 upgrade. One takes the item and the certificate to the fast drop position for the certificate to be validated.

As previously noted, one item posted here was processed on one of the iLSMs (intelligent Letter Sorting Machines) at the Jubilee Mail Centre. Since the end of January 2012, they have been using ink jet printers in association with these machines. This Mail Centre has been used in the past for trials involving these machines and printers over the last year.

The 12th of March saw me visit a number of offices including the last two in London that I needed examples of. First stop was North Finchley N12 (id 014004) which has one kiosk. It is about a mile from the Woodside Park underground station.

Faststamp and PAGs illustrated

Wood Green post office is about 400 yards from the underground station of the same name. It is in a shopping arcade.
Of interest is the cancel from Mount Pleasant. Note the reversed D in the date stamp.

The High Holborn office is about 400 yards from the Holborn underground station. Office id is 004010.

 Kiosk 2 was producing blank receipts as illustrated above.
Kiosk 1 was producing receipt as normal. One thing noted over the last three to four months is that each office is using the PO oval as the standard on the receipts without exception.

Trafalgar Square/William IV Street office (id 015010) threw up a variety that was reported about a year ago  on the UK Postage Labels web site. It is illustrated below. Note the blank printing at the bottom and that the  queen's head is shifted upwards. This suggests that the labels were miscut after printing of the background by the manufacturer. The value is printed on the roll by the kiosk.

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