Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stardate: 100312

Another few hours off allowed a trip by 213 bus to Sutton (SM1) to visit one of the three Wincor-Nixdorf equipped post offices in the London area that I had still to get to. The others being in N12 and N22. 

This post office is in the St Nicholas Centre (id014013). Best to get off the 213 at the  stop in St Nicholas Way and cross the road to the centre. Walk down the stairs and turn to your right. You are now facing the post office. The kiosk is in the corner beyond the counter.

On the 9th March, the kiosk was at session 1017. The kiosk went live on the 23rd November 2009. The low session number suggested that the kiosk counter had been reset. This was confirmed as having happened mid February 2012 by a member of staff. The Sheep faststamps were on sale.

I also stopped off at the New Malden office (id007023) on the same bus route. Again, the Sheep faststamps were on sale. The kiosk here went live on 28.9/09. The session number was 5473 on 24/9/11 it was at sessions 15544.

I received one of the New Malden examples on an envelope today with the new Jubilee Mail Centre ink-jet cancel that is being used on the intelligent Letter Sorting Machines (iLSMs). These cancels first appeared at the beginning of February 2012.

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