Friday, March 16, 2012

Access Problems

Some of you may have noticed a warning regarding the security status of my other websites: pmechuk, pmechuk1, wincoralbum1 and wincoralbum2. These sites are all under the Google sites and it would appear that it was a system wide problem reported my many frustrated users - mostly using particular antivirus packages. Up to 10 threats were identified by these antivirals including downloaders, trojans, etc. I have checked access today and the problem has been resolved.

Wincor-Nixdorf Kiosks

One office that has been very friendly to those wanting to photograph the Wincor kiosks in the past was Blackfriars in London. The kiosk is shown below along with a close up of the screen.

Trafalgar Square/William IV Street, London, has 4 kiosks at this date but there is a promise of another two kiosks are reportedly due shortly.

Those who have visited my pmechuk site will have seen the large summary table on these kiosks which lists session numbers (with dates) and details of varieties reported at various offices. It also includes details of receipts obtained and any notes about the kiosks or location.

I would welcome reports from anyone/everyone who has access to these faststamps and PAGs of dates, session numbers, etc. Jpeg images would also be welcome as supporting evidence. e-mail address is

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