Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Last Two London Offices Got
Stardate: 130312

Had another day off as carer yesterday. Therefore I used it to get to the last two London area Wincor-Nixdorf equipped offices that I needed. These were at North Finchley (014004) and Wood Green (024004). Both offices were vending the sheep faststamps. The kiosk at Finchley was at session 79528 and Wood Green at session 21291. These offices went live on 5/6/09 and 17/11/10 respectively.

Since I was free I also looked in at a few other offices. Most had switched back to the Machins. The full details are on my normal website which can also be found by googling "pmechuk". I will add the images shortly.

There has been a lot in the press over the possible rise in postal rates later this year. The suggestion is that the second class rate may increase from 36p to 55p. No rate has been suggested yet for the first class rate.

I suggest that Ofcom should have rethink on the cap that they have on the Condition 9 mail. Condition 9 mail is the items collected and sorted by other companies than passed over to Royal Mail to take the last mile to the recipient. At the moment this is around the 13p an item mark. This is less than the cost of delivering it to the door.

Maybe it is time to truly level the playing field and either have these other companies pay a realistic rate or insist that they inaugurate their own universal service to match that of Royal Mail.

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