Friday, April 27, 2012

This Little Piggy...


Tuesday the 24th April say the issue of yet another new set of Faststamps from Royal Mail. This set is the second of the Farmyard animals theme and depicts six different pigs. Examples from kiosk 1 at Trafalgar Square/William IV Street (015010) post office are illustrated below. Also on this date Aldwych (008010) and Broadway (010011) offices in London were also vending the pigs from all kiosks. 

St Albans (010033) threw up a nice surprise on the 25th April with font 1 appearing on the pig Faststamps.

Note that Hytec versions of these faststamps are available in presentation packs.

I would welcome further reports of these and other Witncor and Hytec faststamps and PAGs. 

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