Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Little Piggies

Stardate: 030512

Further to the blog of 27th April, J. Gray has forwarded more information of examples of the Pigs with font 1 at a number of post offices. This data is listed below and will be included in my other sites in due course.

In addition, the large font was available on Friday 27 April from both machines in Clapham High Street PO (005008-1 and -2), but machine 2 produced only single stamps (i.e. the collectors strips of 2 x 3 stamps were produced as 6 single stamps!). Machine 1 produced the normal strips. On eBay, one can see that Bath (015504-2), Harrow (022020-2) and Bognor Regis (017937-1) all produced pigs stamps with the large font 1 and the other associated errors. The printing on the Bath machine is very poor quality, but the spacing between the lines of print increases slightly on each Worldwide up to 10g stamp in a strip, resulting in what has been described as a falling font error (see eBay item 380432844951).

Further reports of these and other variations to, please.

Next faststamp issue will be on the 24th May 2012. One stamp showing the union flag be issued. Reports on any variations in these would also be welcome.

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