Monday, April 16, 2012

Trafalgar Square/William IV Street PO (015010)

Stardate: 160412

I am hoping to get to this office once more on the 24th April for two reasons - the new Pig Faststamps and to see whether the proposed two new kiosks have been installed. The post office is just off of Trafalgar Square. This office commenced using the Wincor kiosks on the 21st October 2009. Four kiosks were installed and up to the end of March 2012 are still in operation. A suggestion in a magazine and from conversations with staff suggested that two more kiosks are due soon.  

The first two images show the office and the third shows the four kiosks in situ. If one intends to photograph these machines, it is prudent to ask permission. It saves on awkward problems.

One aspect of these machines that I have been trying to piece together, is the usage rates of these machines. There is no way that one can get a breakdown as to what services are being purchased but one can obtain an indication as to how often the kiosks are used each day. In addition, by studying the serial numbers printed on the stamps and when purchased, one can determine approximate dates when the counter was reset and, in one instance, when kiosks at a post office changed their office id and kiosk number (Cambridge 007113 changed to 008113 in February/March 2011).

The Trafalgar Square office is one that I have managed to monitor for some time through material sent to me and from visits. The table below lists the session numbers that I have for each kiosk associated with the date of purchased.

     Date               K1               K2            K3            K4

 21/10/2009 1 1 1 1

10/08/2010 25188 26252 25276 24736

16/09/2010 29224
17/09/2010 29405

25/09/2010 29915

24/01/2011 40174 39903 39030 38699

19/05/2011 50898 48913 48079 47718

14/06/2011 52987 50782 49984 49668

12/07/2011 55652 52996 52086 52306

14/09/2011 61190 57628 57594 54494

16/09/2011 61397 57748 57754 57659

03/11/2011 65822 60874 61828 61310

22/02/2012 77450 70961 72499 71910

24/02/2012 77750 71183 72738 72132

12/03/2012 79570 72763 74425 73880

From this data, one can estimate that the usage is around the 100 sessions/day mark. If you can add data on session numbers and dates for any kiosk at any office, please post as a comment or via the normal pmechuk website.

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