Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Intelligent Letter Sorting Machine (iLSM) Cancel


On my blog of 14th March 2014, I illustrated a new ink jet cancel that was in use at the Jubilee Mail Centre (JMC) in Feltham. (Close to Heathrow). This type of is being introduced throughout the country gradually. All of the iLSMs at JMC have been equipped with ink jet printers. The machines at South Midlands MC and now SW Dorset (at Bournemouth) are equipped with the ink jet printers and producing similar cancels.

Another version of cancel at JMC has now been seen in which "Jubilee" is in italics. Reports that I have received suggest that there may be at least four versions from this office.

The example is dated 27th March 2012. The actual identity of the iLSM may be obtained from the tagcode which is the four state bar code at the top of items from Britain. The tagcode associated with this cancel is also present in the image.

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