Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Change to Office id at Cambridge 


As a consequence of my piece in the February issue of Stamp Magazine, I have started to receive reports from a number of new contacts with an interest in this area. Some information on the usage of the two kiosks (id007113/008113) in Cambridge has since been forwarded to me. The office  at 9-11 St Andrew Street, Cambridge, CB2 3AA has had its if changed to 008113 from 007113.A graphical method to estimate when the kiosks were re-numbered and reset has been used using observations that kiosk 007113-01 became 008113-02 around the 1st March 2011 and that 007113-02 became 008113-01 around the 3rd February 2011. Note that kiosk 1 became kiosk 2 and vice versa.

I was lucky to obtain examples from both kiosks at this office of the PAG (Post And Go) labels from this office in 2009 courtesy of a Postal Mechanisation Study Circle member. Also illustrated is the receipt from kiosk 2.

I recently sent some envelopes with payment to this office in March and received back examples from kiosk 2 with the new office id 008113.

My thanks to JG for the report and the graph illustrated,

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