Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Barcodes For Importance

Stardate: 110912
I am still receiving mail for former occupants. Mostly, this is annoying because the sender has ignored the fact that correspondence has been returned to sender for so long. Sometimes the odd item of interest does drop through the letter box. One such item arrived from Vanquis Bank apparently based in Bradford (BD1  2SU) but with a response address in Chatham (ME4 4WW) and a return address in Harlow (CM20 9AL). It contained a credit card application form.

On the front was printed a fake tracking label with barcode and a grid similar to old fashioned computer paper tape. On the back was a four state bar code (illustrated above) with 101 bars. I have added a ruler to the image to give an indication of scale. It is printed in ordinary ink. Whether it has any purpose other than to make the item appear to be more important than it is, is uncertain. If you have any information on this 101 bar barcode, I would welcome it. Have you seen a similar item with the same barcode? What was the postcode used? Similarly, items with a different on the reverse with the postcode.

Leave either as a comment or email pmechuk@gmail.com.

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