Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Autumn Stampex 2012

The norphil.blogspot site has images of the Cattle and Flag faststamps to be used at Autumn Stampex. Of note is the data string on the two strips.

A9NL12  C2-051840-06

A9GB12 A1-000001-01

The string from the Cattle suggests that these are from a batch prepared for use in the presentation packs since hare prepared with the same string 051840 which corresponds to May 1840 . Transaction number 06 was the first day of issue of the Penny Black.

The flag string suggests normal usage on a kiosk.

Of note is the office id which includes letters replacing the numerical sequence. As a guess, I think that the NL in the cattle string may stand for Holland (Netherlands) and the GB in the flag issue for Britain. The 12 is obviously the year of issue (2012). The A9 may susggest one of two possibilities - a model code or just the first use in September.

C2 and A1 are kiosk identifiers.

If you have any further info on these, email pmechuk@gmail.com

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