Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kennsington High Street Crown Office, London W8.

Originally this office was sited at 257 Kennsington High Street but is now at 208-212 which is just about opposite the old office. The old office only had one kiosk present and items produced by this office had the office ident 011006. The current office has two kiosks. The office ident is now 012006.

I visited the office at 208-212 on the 10th July 2010 and the items obtained from both kiosks.

Kiosk 1 receipts had no address while kiosk 2 had the address in upper case lettering and the building number on a separate line. Kiosk 1 was vending sheep stamps while kiosk 2 was vending pigs. Session numbers for both kiosks on the 10 July 2012 may be obtained from the images above.

208-212 Kennsington High Street - present location.

257 Kennsington High Street - old location.

I visited the old office in July 2010 and the extract from the summary table from my pmechuk website is given below.

W8 6DB
257 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6DB
The kiosk was at session 11693 on 16/7/10. No logo was printed on receipts.

I hope to add further entries giving details of items obtained from various Wincor-Nixdorf offices. In this way, I hope the evidence that I am producing will assist collectors of this material. I would welcome feedback and data on session numbers, stamps vended, errors and varieties, problems, etc at any and all offices throughout the UK. Either add a comment to this site or e-mail me at

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