Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wincor Office Ident Error!

Stardate: 120712

On one of my rare days off as a carer (10 July), I managed to run around London to visit some relocate post offices with Wincor ATMs. I also visited a few of my regular offices to update the data on session numbers and what faststamps were available. I managed to visit 10 offices and 18 kiosks in about six hours. So it was a case  of in to the office, buy a first class faststamp and receipt from a kiosk before moving on to the next without noticing much on either at the time of purchase.

When I got back home, I sorted out my "stash" of faststamps and receipts only to find a rather usual office and kiosk ident - 000000 as the office ident and 0 as the kiosk - on a receipt from William IV Street/Trafalgar Square. Kiosks 2, 3 and 4 were giving the correct office ident of 015010.

Example of the 000000 office ident with the 0 kiosk ident.

Receipt from kiosk 1 pretending to be kiosk 0.

Kiosk 2 was vending pigs and kiosks 3 and 4 were vending sheep faststamps. See my Wincoralbum1 and
 Wincoralbum2 websites to see the evidence.

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