Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cambridge Puzzle

Stardate: 140712

I have a little problem over the Cambridge Crown Office. It was originally at 9-11 St Andrew Street CB2 3AA and had the office ident code of 007113. About February March 2011 the office address changed to 57-58 St Andrew Street CB2 3BZ and the office ident became 008113.

In the recent updated listing form the ukpostagelabels website, the latter address is correct and two kiosks are present. However, today I received an item from a PMSC member with a Post and Go (PAG) from 007113 and 9-11 St Andrew Street CB2 3AA.

Of note is the kiosk number and session number 3 and 00022 respectively. The receipt is below and shows the former address. 
This would also suggest that kiosk 3 became operational on the 12th July 2012. 

Can anyone suggest what is going at Cambridge?

Stardate: 150712

This Cambridge office IS at 57-58 St Andrew Street. The address on the receipt is in error with respect to the location of the kiosk. It could be that because the address is wrong the kiosk printed the id associated with the old address.

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