Sunday, June 10, 2012

Request to all UK Wincor Faststamp/PAG Collectors

For the last two years, I have been trying to piece together the usage of the Wincor-Nixdorf Propostal 2000 kiosks throughout the UK with very variable results. Most of the data has been obtained from personal observations, reports from PMSC members, ebay and a few other contacts. The websites with my findings are listed in yesterday's blog.

I would welcome reports of usage for any and all kiosks throughout the country. Session numbers, date and faststamp available along with any additional data from the receipt are needed to build up the overall picture.

I would like to build up a series of pages giving what information is available. The basic layout would include the office id, postcode, number of kiosks, the address of the post office and the first date of use. This would be followed by what information I have on the usage at that office and then any pictures, etc associated with the office. A sample is given below.

BS1 3XX           
(initially 2)

The Galleries, Castle Gallery, Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3XX.           

First machines in service in the UK.
Some kiosks converted for use to sell Bird pictorials on 17/9/10
New font (font type 2) on Faststamps from 11/9/10.
Third kiosk added late 2010.
Date unknown (Dec2010?): Kiosk 2 at session 71326 and kiosk 3 at session 3824. Kiosk 2 printing normally with font 2 but kiosk 3 was printing a large gap between office id and transaction number. Upright of d plus e of “worldwide” on the pictorial area.
10/1/11 kiosk 3 at session 4654.
12/1/11 Machin faststamps on kiosk 1 and at session 73004. PO logo on receipt.
14/1/11 Kiosk 3 vending Machins font 2 at session 4996. Wide gap variety. No logo on receipt.
10/1/11 kiosk 3 at session 4654.
22/1/11 Kiosk 3 at session 5596. Worldwide faststamp using larger type (font 1) for “Up to 10g” while rest in font 2. Machin version in use. PO oval being printed on kiosk 3 receipts on 22/1/11.
All kiosks used to sell second set of Bird pictorials on 24/1/11
Kiosk 1 at session 74188, kiosk 2 at session 73642 and kiosk 3 at 6045 on 26/1/11.
Spacing error and 10g Worldwide in bold on kiosk 3. Spelling error on receipt “Broamead”.
2/2/11 Kiosk 3 vending Birds 2 font 2 at session 6806. Wide gap variety. No logo on receipt.
7/2/11 Kiosk 3 vending Birds 2 font 1/2 at session 6986. Wide gap variety. No logo on receipt.
12/2/11 Kiosk 3 vending Birds 2 font 1/2 at session 7438. Wide gap variety. No logo on receipt
16/2/11 Kiosk 3 at session 7683.
20/7/11  Kiosk 1 vending Birds 3 font 2 at session 8559. PO oval on receipt.
15/2/12 PO oval logo on receipts from all 3 kiosks. Kiosks 1 and 3 vending Birds4 while Kiosk 2 vending Machin. Kiosk 1 at sessions 1212-3, kiosk 2 at sessions 846-7 and kiosk 3 at sessions 31396-7. Strong suggestion that kiosks 1 and 2 have recently been re-set.

For most offices, I have only one or two bits of information whereas for a handful I have enough to show trends in usage.

If you can fill in any information of usage at any office, either comment below or email me at

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