Sunday, June 3, 2012

Brent Park Post Office - Tesco

Stardate: 030612

A comment left on the Norphil blog site indicated a previously unknown (by me) kiosk at Brent Park, London NW10. I made a visit to this office on the 2nd of June 2012 to investigate. The post office is in a Tesco not far from Neasden underground station (if you know the area) or a long walk and a bus ride if you don’t! The office has one kiosk but it was out of order on this date.

Kiosk in situ at Brent Park Tesco

Normal kiosk at the Blackfriars Office in Central London

If you look above the keyboard in the Brent Park photo, the coin slot is missing. I am only aware of four kiosks that did not have coin or banknote payment facilities. These were at Tudor Street, London, EC4Y. However, sometime between June 2011 and 13 December 2011, kiosk 4 was removed from this location. A photo of the kiosk at Blackfriars is included for comparison.

The kiosk at Brent Park Tesco has a “4” stuck to it, no coin slot and no banknote reader and, therefore, I suspect that it may be the missing fourth kiosk from Tudor Street. Can anyone confirm that this is the ex Tudor Street kiosk?

Since the Brent Park kiosk was out of order, I can not give the identification number for this location.

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