Sunday, May 26, 2013


I have just noticed a reference to my blog on e-bay. I feel that I must clarify that I do not endorse any sale(s) of Wincor-Nixdorf and Hytech material on any site and, therefore the decision to purchase the item depends on whether you are happy with the description. Any data I place on my websites or blogs is based on the information that I have at the time of writing. It is NOT to endorse sales for dealers - professional or amateur. 

Therefore, I take serious exception to any mis-use of data or  information that I publish to make a sale.

My intention in publishing the information that I collect is to ensure that collectors have the best data available to build a representative collection of Wincor-Nixdorf and Hytech material NOT to make money for people. 

The reason that I started to produce the ATM Informer and published the first issue of Wincor-Nixdorf and Hytech ATM Listing is to try to get the best information out to individuals. Both publications are starting to pay dividends and is fostering discussion within this area of collecting.

I do not give advice on what to buy. I do not deal in stamps or any other collectible. I do not endorse others sales. I do not like the mis-use of terms such as "scarce" and similar.

The only real advice that I do give is as follows:
Consider carefully what is on offer and check with other sites/dealers before committing. 
Purchase what interests you.
Always purchase within your budget.

I also recommend the website It is very reputable and worth consulting. It does NOT endorse products but gives quality information in this area.

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