Thursday, April 18, 2013

Faststamp and Post and Go Catalogue

About a year ago, I decided to do something about listing what material was available from the Wincor-Nixdorf ad Hytech kiosks in the UK. For the last month, I have been circulating draft versions for comment.

Initially, I thought that the whole thing would be about a dozen A4 pages in length but, as time went on, this was a severe underestimate in size. So many developments have happened and just had to be included even if it is as a warning to the unwary.

This last year has seen Pop-up post offices, "private" overprints and fakes. These are all covered in the draft. Other side lines had to be included such as the meaning of the datastrings, leaflets, receipts and so on. The result is a draft of around 70 pages.

Once I have a definitive draft, I have then to solve the problem as to how best to distribute it. I am investigating a few possibilities but I am open to other suggestions.

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